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Cost of Solar

The Price of Residential Solar Power

Solar costs have declined significantly, and are at their lowest point in over 30 years. Solar is now more affordable than ever and advances in technology have improved system quality and design.

On average the total cost of solar installation can be between $15,000 джой казино зеркало вход to $29,000 for average компания новоматик sized systems sized between 4kW and 8kW.2 Sunrun solar lets you get started for as little as $0 down and helps you lower your electric bill.

If you want to own your system, we do that too. If you choose to buy your system, the graph shows an average breakdown of costs of a residential
solar panel installation.

Go solar in 3 easy steps

How Much Does The Average Solar System Cost?

Home Solar System Cost Size (kW)
Average System $15,000 4kW
Large System $29,000 8kW

If you are looking to go solar, and want more information; contact us today for a free quote.

“We wanted lower power bills but  never thought that we would be able to afford solar. iLUM’s finance team was able to get us a solar system for less than we were paying the electric company.”

Caley C., Sacramento

The most common question we hear is: “How much will it cost”.  The cost of a solar system depends on your energy consumption. The more energy needed, the more panels we will have to install. Unlike the power company that continuously raises the cost for power, once your solar panels are paid off… your energy is free!

iLUM’s team will develop a customized energy plan that meets your energy needs that should cost less than your current energy bills.

Solar is More Than Just Panels

Your home solar system cost is not based solely on the price of solar panels. It is calculated based on a number of other components, including the condition of your roof, wiring, racking, an inverter, and a solar monitor. When you purchase a solar system, your solar panel installation costs and material costs will depend on your system’s size.

The typical home solar system size is approximately 5 kilowatts (kW). Some households will need larger systems to meet the energy needs of the home.

How much does it cost for iLUM’s home solar installation?

Your home solar power system doesn’t have to cost a lot. We take care of the equipment costs, installation, permits, and we’ll even protect your system using the manufacturer’s warranty for up to 25 years. All you pay for is the solar energy, and save money on your electric bill each month. Here’s how it works:

How Else Can I Reduce Home Solar Energy Costs?

Federal, state and local incentives push costs down even further. Currently, homeowners can take advantage of a 30 percent federal tax credit now through 2016. Even if the credit falls to 10 percent with no additional rebates after 2016 as some predict, solar comes out ahead of grid electricity in most of the U.S. as shown in this map.5


Zero Emissions

Solar panels do not produce any harmful greenhouse gases.


Once panels are installed they require little maintenance .

Get Paid

Many utility companies are paying solar panel users for the excess energy they produce.


Doing your part in creating a cleaner more sustainable future.

Lock in your rate

Going solar will protect you from rising utility rates.

Cut Electricity Costs

The average 20-year savings of solar panel users in California is $30,000.